Updated Account Security and Text Alerts

Mars Bank is Serious About Your Security

Mars Bank is committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information. Therefore, we continually strive to implement sophisticated technologies that are both easy to access and use and provide a high level of security. Learn about these and other ways to help protect your information online. Learn more on our security and fraud page.

New Text Alerts for Card Security

Mars Bank monitors debit card transactions with sophisticated software that flags potentially suspicious activity. When suspicious activity occurs on a Mars Bank personal or business debit card, a text will be sent to the mobile phone on file with purchase details so you can easily review and respond.

Enrolling in Text Alerts

If you have a mobile phone number on file with the bank, you are already enrolled in the Text Alert program. If you aren’t sure if you have a mobile number on file, log in to online banking and click “My Profile”, you can then view, edit, or add your mobile phone number. Or you can call the bank at 724-625-1555 to check your profile.

What Do I Do When I Receive a Text Alert?

When you receive a text it will include details about the transaction in question.

  • If the transaction was made by you, reply “Yes”. The transaction will clear and your card can continue to be used as usual.
  • If the transaction was not made by you, reply “No”. Your card will be blocked from use and you will receive a second text directing you to call us immediately.

If you receive a text about a transaction, please respond to the text as soon as possible to avoid your card being blocked unnecessarily. If you do not respond to our text or our call, for your account safety we will block your card until we hear from you.

In some cases, your transaction may be initially declined due to suspected fraud. If you reply back “Yes” that the transaction is legitimate, you may try to complete the transaction again.

Note: Mars Bank will never request confidential information through telephone, text, or email solicitations. Any such requests should be reported immediately to the bank. Please always protect your personal and confidential information, sign-on IDs, and passwords at all times.