Traveling Overseas? Be Sure Your Debit Card is Ready to Go!

International travel plans are important to ensure your trip is smooth and trouble-free. Be sure to make a travel plan for your Mars Bank debit card so you can use your card whenever you travel overseas.

Image of mobile app screen with text Add Travel Plan Traveling To Destinations Finland. You can add up to 15 domestic or international destinations to a Travel Plan. Travel Dates Date of Departure October 11, 2022 Date of Return October 23, 2022 SubmitUse My Card to Set Your Travel Plan

My Cards is built into the Mars Bank Mobile App and is used to set parameters for your debit card. This includes setting a travel plan that will permit your debit card to be used when traveling overseas. Travel plans in My Cards let you set up to 15 destinations for your trip, dates for departure, and dates of return. Your debit card is open during the travel dates in the countries specified, and will not be permitted to make transactions after the return date.

Travel Plans is one more way Mars Bank provides security against fraudulent charges.

Click here to learn how to add a travel plan in My Cards.