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How well do you know your banker? These days that can be a very difficult question to answer. Banks change ownership and names and frequently when that happens, your relationship manager changes, too. You’re forced to educate another in the seemingly endless stream of changing faces about your business. The good news is that in community banking, this doesn’t happen as frequently as it does with the regional banks.

Interview Prospective Bankers

You vet candidates for positions in your company to make sure that you have the best fit.  You ask them questions about their background and experience. Hopefully, they ask questions about your company’s mission, goals and objectives, strategies and environment.  You build a mutual understanding of one another.  Ultimately, you are hiring not just an employee, but a relationship, not someone to fill a function and then moves on the moment something else comes along.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

You should vet any potential banking candidate in the same way. Each of us wants a mutually beneficial relationship.  I recently came upon an article in an online edition of Forbes .  It’s a great road map for how to maximize your business banking relationship. If you don’t have a relationship with your banker, it’s probably time to give me a call at 724-625-1555 or email me.

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