Mars Bank Online – FAQs

  1. How do I sign up for Mars Bank Online?
    For personal accounts you can click on “Sign Up” right from our homepage. For business accounts, please contact your relationship manager or visit one of our branch locations.
  2. The system is prompting me for a one-time security code, but the three phone numbers listed are not mine. How do I complete the phone call?
    This is an indication that the system does not recognize the Customer ID that was entered, please return to the login screen and type in your Customer ID again.
  3. Is there a fee to use Mars Bank Online?
    No, there is no fee.
  4. What if I forgot my password?
    You can reset your password by clicking the Forgot your Password? link and entering the information requested. You will complete a security code via phone call and then be asked to pick a new alphanumeric password.
  5. Can I repeat a previous password after a current password expires?
    You may repeat your password after one password cycle. You are required to change your password every 120 days.
  6. How long is my information retained in Mars Bank Online?
    Eighteen months worth of account activity is available online, as well as the previous eighteen months worth of statements, if enrolled in eStatements.
  7. If I sign up for Mars Bank Online, will I still receive a printed monthly statement?
    Yes, however if you do choose to view your statements online you will become enrolled in e-statements and will no longer receive a paper copy.
  8. How can I add additional phone numbers to my profile?
    Your personal information can be edited by logging in to Mars Bank Online and accessing the “My Profile” tab.
  9. What do I do if I can’t see all of my accounts online?
    You can request that any ‘missing’ accounts be linked by contacting us.
  10. Can an account be removed from Online Banking?
    Yes. You can request this by contacting us.
  11. Can I open a new account online?
    No. Mars Bank requires that you visit a branch to open a new account.
  12. Can I payoff my loan/mortgage online?
    No. To ensure that the loan is paid off correctly please Contact us for more information.
  13. How do online transactions appear on my monthly statement?
    Online account activity appears as “(Deposit/Withdrawal) Internet Transfer (From/To)” under description on your monthly statement.
  14. Can the system generate an alert for a minimum balance?
    With the Account Alert feature you may set minimums and/or maximums so that in the event your account meets the specified criteria an e-mail notification is sent to the address on file.
  15. Does the system generate a notice for loan payments due?
    Loan payment alerts are not automatically generated; however an Account Alert can be created for this purpose as well, and an e-mail will be sent based on the criteria you set.
  16. Can I make a deposit into my Passbook savings account online?
    Yes. You can make a deposit into a Passbook savings by transferring funds from another account online; however you would need to visit a branch to withdrawal from a Passbook.
  17. Will a scheduled transfer through Mars Bank Online cancel out an auto transfer that I already have set up?
    No. You will need to request that the auto transfer be cancelled before requesting the same transaction online.
  18. Can I delete a scheduled transaction?
    Yes. A transaction can be deleted up to one business day prior to the date it is scheduled to occur.
  19. If I delete a scheduled transaction will it show as deleted in my activity log?
    No – the activity log shows only information for transactions that occurred.
  20. If I request a statement reprint, how do I know which billing cycle to request?
    Statement reprint requests are based on the end date of the billing cycle. For instance, if the statement you are requesting runs from mid April to mid May, you should request the May statement.
  21. How can I reverse a stop payment request?
    Provided the request is submitted within ample time you may request a stop payment reversal by using the Item Correction feature. However, it may be best to contact a branch in this eventuality.

Request an Appointment

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Traveling Overseas? Set a Travel Plan for Your Debit Card

Use My Card to Set Your Travel Plan:
My Cards is built into the Mars Bank Mobile App and is used to set parameters for your debit card. This includes setting a travel plan that will permit your debit card to be used when traveling overseas. Learn more and set a travel plan.

Lost ATM/Debit Card

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM Card or Mars Bank Debit/Check Card, Please call: 1-800-472-3272. Protect your debit card with My Cards in the Mars Bank mobile banking app.

Lost Credit Card

To Report a Lost or Stolen Mars Bank Credit Card, Please call: 1-800-883-0131.