NexTier Bank Merger Information

NexTier, Inc. (“NexTier”), the holding company of NexTier Bank, N.A. (“NexTier Bank”), and Mars Bancorp, Inc. (“Mars”) (OTCQX: MNBP), the holding company of Mars Bank, jointly announced on August, 31, 2023 that the parties have entered into a definitive agreement whereby NexTier will acquire Mars. The proposed transaction will result in Western Pennsylvania’s premier, locally owned and managed community bank having total assets in excess of $2.6 billion. Read and download the full release in PDF.


Merger Frequently Asked Questions

It’s natural for Mars Bank customers to have questions about the transition to NexTier Bank. Click the image to access a PDF for download and/or printing that answers frequently asked questions.

image of NexTier frequently asked questions PDF document; click document to download, print and read the PDF


All questions addressed will take effect at the time of the merger.

Will Mars Bank be changing its name?

Yes. The name and logo of Mars Bank will be changing. Once the merger is complete, we will

operate as NexTier Bank.

Can I keep my current account numbers?

Yes. There will be no change to account numbers. You will be notified directly if your account is among the few that need to be changed.

Can I continue using my current checks?

Yes. Please continue to use your current checks. After the merger and your existing supply is depleted, your new order can be modified to include the NexTier Bank name and routing number.

Do I need to change my direct deposit or direct debit information?

No. NexTier Bank will provide any necessary changes to the originator of your deposit or debit transaction.

Will my debit card and/or personal identification number (PIN) change?

Yes. You will receive a new NexTier Visa® Debit Card in the mail close to the merger date.

What will happen to my CD rate and term?

Your accounts will keep existing terms & conditions.

Will there be changes to account statements?

Yes. The look will change, but your account information will be the same. Check images & eStatements are available when you log in to NexTier’s Online Banking.

Will the FDIC continue to insure my bank account post-merger?

Yes. All NexTier Bank accounts are insured by the FDIC. For more information visit:

Will my automatic payments or pre-authorized debits change?

No. If you currently have an automatic payment or pre-authorized debit from your account, it will occur as scheduled.

What will happen to my loan rate & term?

Your accounts will retain their existing terms & conditions.

Will my online banking or bill pay options change?

Yes. You will be able to access the new Online Banking at If you currently have accounts at NexTier, you will be able to view all accounts using your current NexTier login.

Will I continue to receive a statement for my loan?

You will receive an invoice statement each month. It will include the same information as your current Mars Bank statement. Your first billing statement will show all activity on your account since the last statement was generated.

Can I use a NexTier Bank branch?

You will be able to bank at all NexTier Bank locations after the merger is complete.

I have an IRA account at Mars Bank. Will it transfer to NexTier Bank?

Yes. NexTier Bank will become the qualified custodian of your beneficiary IRA. On the transition day, your Mars Bank IRA account will become a NexTier Bank account.


To learn more about NexTier Bank, visit their website.

For questions about the transition, call Mars Bank customer support at 844-381-7295.


More Information to Come

This page will be updated with additional information about the transition as it becomes available.

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To Report a Lost or Stolen Mars Bank Credit Card, Please call: 1-800-883-0131. Or visit our credit card administration site by clicking here.

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