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Unrecognized Transaction? Possible Fraud or Identity Theft?

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft, contact us through a secure form by clicking here or visit/call a retail branch.

PA State Police and FTC Issue Scam Alert

State police and the Federal Trade Commission have reported an active scam targeting individuals via fake emails and phone calls. The scammers pretend to be calling from online retailers such as Amazon and claim that a charge was made in error to the potential victim’s bank account.

Best ways to avoid being scammed:

  • Don’t respond: If you’re not 100% certain of the source of the call, email or text, then hang up the phone, don’t click on the link in the email and don’t reply to the text message.
  • Don’t trust caller ID or answer phone calls from unknown numbers: If you recognize the caller ID but the call seems suspicious, hang up the phone. Phone numbers can be easily spoofed to appear to be from a legitimate caller.
  • Research and validate: If the individual or organization seems suspicious, make sure the request being made is legitimate by calling the organization through an official number from their website or consulting with a trusted family member or friend.
  • Don’t give out your information: Never provide any personally identifiable information unless you’re absolutely certain the person and reason are legitimate.

Don’t be a victim of a scam! Listen to an actual scam call:


When you hear an automated call like this, hang up! Reputable online retailers will contact you but will never ask for personal information or to send cash or gift cards through the mail. Retailers will also not ask you to download software to your computer to let them share the screen.

Mars Bank will never request confidential information through telephone, text, or email solicitations.  Any such requests should be reported immediately to the bank. Please always protect your personal and confidential information, sign-on IDs and passwords at all times.

Think before you click!

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Safe Banking for Seniors

Mars Bank is a pleased to participate in the American Bankers Association Foundation’s #SafeBankingForSeniors program. We’re joining banks across the country to help older adults, their families and caregivers prevent elder exploitation.

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Lost Card? Report it immediately

Protect yourself! Report a Lost or Stolen Mars Bank Credit Card immediately by calling: 1-800-883-0131.

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM Card or Mars Bank Debit/Check Card, Please call: 1-800-472-3272.