General Inquiries FAQ

What is the routing number for Mars Bank?
Where can I find your office hours, locations and phone numbers?
I need to know my account number.  Where can I find it?
Account numbers can be found on the bottom of your checks.  From the left, it is the third set of numbers in the series.
I'm moving. How do I update my address?
Congratulations on the move. Don’t forget to let us know your address has changed!

  • Log into the Online Banking portal on our website.

  • Click on the Account Services Tab in the top right corner of your screen.

  • On the left-hand side panel, click “Requests.” (This is the last item in the list.)

  • Click “Address Change.”

  • Choose between New, Correction, or Alternative. (The * indicates required fields.)

  • Fill out the all the required information and click “Continue.”

  • Confirm the changes you’ve made to your address on file.

    After you’ve completed these steps, we'll review and authorize the change in your online banking portal. If we need additional confirmation or have questions, we'll contact you.

    Then the next time you login to online banking, be sure to confirm that the change was made.

    If you have additional questions, call customer support at 844-381-7295.
Where can I learn more about your checking accounts?
Visit our website to  learn which of our accounts will work best for you – see all our accounts here:
What ATM terminals can I use at no cost?
We are proud to be part of two networks that offer over 55,000 surcharge free ATMs. Mars Bank is a member of Freedom ATM Alliance which allows access to terminals in over 50 counties from New York to Maryland.  The website, lists which terminals are free. Additionally, we are part of the Allpoint Network; which offers terminals nationwide that can be used surcharge free. The locations can be found at
I do not have online banking and I need to know my balance.  
It's easy to obtain your balance, transfer funds, place stop payments, and retrieve other account information using our automated Telephone Banking system. Call 888-595-7587, and be sure to have your account number and your PIN on hand.
I received a text message asking me to verify transactions – is this legitimate?
Our third-party fraud monitoring system does send text messages if you have enrolled in this fraud protection service. If you have not yet enrolled in this service simply ask any branch banker or call us at 844-381-7295.
I received a call from the fraud monitoring department – how can I be sure this is legitimate?
We partner with a third party that monitors and flags accounts for suspicious activity. Please note, they will never ask you to verify or provide specific account numbers, login information, passwords, etc.
I need to activate my Debit / ATM card.
Cards can be activated by calling 1.800.992.3808. Please note, for your protection you must call to activate the card from a phone number we have on file. Debit and ATM cards can also be activated at an ATM terminal with your PIN.
I lost my Debit / ATM card – how can I have it deactivated?
Debit Cards can easily be managed by utilizing the My Cards functionality in the Mars Bank Mobile Banking application. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or Google Play store using a smartphone or tablet. Cards can be reported lost or stolen 24 hours a day by calling 1.800.472.3272. A replacement card can be requested by calling us at 844-381-7295.
I lost my Mars Bank branded credit card, how do I report it?
To report a lost or stolen Mars Bank credit card, call 1-800-883-0131.
I don't recognize a transaction on my account. What do I do?
For debit card transactions, contact us using the secure form on Use the My Cards functionality in the Mars Bank Mobile Banking app to turn off your card. Learn more at For other unrecognized transactions, contact us at 844-381-7295.

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