Digital Tools Save Time and Money for Business Owners

From Project Management to Mobile Deposit there are Tools to Help Efficiently Manage Small Business

Business owners wear many hats. It makes it difficult to get everything done in a day. A Gallup poll of small business owners showed nearly 60% work six days a week in order to get the job done. During the pandemic, that number working extra hours may increase, as businesses need to do more with less just to stay in business.

Taking the Time to Use the Right Tools

It can be easy to conduct business in the same ways it’s always been done. Change is hard, especially when there is so much uncertainty around. However, now may be the time to try new ways of doing business to gain efficiency and consider different revenue streams for business affected by the pandemic.

There are many digital tools that are free to use for small businesses.

Virtual Meetings, Check

Everyone has been introduced to virtual meetings the last through months whether through Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, Webex, Gotomeeting, etc. These have changed the way businesses operate – forced by the COVID-19 crisis. Yet they have opened new ways to do business.

Other online and digital tools can help businesses with administration, marketing and money management.

Online Project Management and Visualization

Tools such as Trello or Wrike for project management, which PCMagazine reports provide free plans for small business, can help business owners organize teams remotely, set up new workflows and visualize project maps.

Marketing Automation and Management Tools

Need to get the word out? Hootsuite Free offers scheduled posting to up to three social media profiles on the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Intstagram, Pinterest). Save time by getting alerts from followers and posting to multiple social media platforms at the same time.

To keep connected with customers, consider automated email marketing. Mailchimp offers a free plan for small businesses for up to 2,000 email contacts. Email up to five times per month to the list at no cost. Mailchimp can also be used to survey customers… consider asking about their needs during the pandemic to determine new business opportunities.

Digital Banking Tools

Like the business digital tools and online resources outlined above, Mars Bank provides tools to improve efficiency and help business owners better manage cash flow.

  • Mobile Deposit – On the go or in the office, deposit checks through the myMBusiness mobile app. It’s simple and easy. Download the mobile app and login using Mars Bank busines online banking credentials.
  • Remote Deposit Capture – For businesses with a high volume of checks, a desktop deposit scanner can transmit dozens of checks securely to Mars Bank.
  • Positive Pay – With fraud on the rise, positive pay systematically compares checks and provides daily notifications of potential anomalies that could be fraud.
  • ACH – Automated Clearing House payment origination through Mars Bank online banking is a safe, secure and low-cost method to transfer funds between virtually any banking institutions.

Go Digital

Online and digital tools can help business owners develop efficient and effective practices that could help the bottom line. To discuss digital tools from Mars Bank, contact your commercial banking officer, call the Mars Bank Commercial Banking Team at 724-725-1555 x250 or email us.

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