Cybersecurity Saturday: E-Skimmers

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart. 

The 2020 Cybersecurity Awareness campaign includes four essential tactics. This #CybersecuritySaturday we’re focusing on E-Skimming. Do you know what E-Skimming is all about? 

It all starts with patching and updating systems.  When an internet shopping website does not update their technologies, they leave vulnerabilities behind that can be exploited by cybercriminals.  Criminals introduce skimming code on payment processing web pages to capture credit card and personally identifiable information and send the stolen data to a database under their control, which is often sold on the dark web. This tip sheet includes information on how businesses can minimize the risk and what can be done when someone finds that they are a victim.

E-Skimming – download the PDF.

We are also participating in the American Bankers Association #BanksNeverAskThat campaign. Take the scammers quiz and you might win a prize… learn more here