Reorder Checks

Reorder Checks

Need More Checks?

You can order personal checks directly through the Deluxe Personal Check Reorder website. Use this convenient check ordering method to save time!

For security reasons, Deluxe has restricted this service to orders that do not have any name or address changes. Also, you must provide the next starting check number for your reorder. If you do have name or address changes, or you do not know the starting check number for your reorder, please mail or bring your check order into one of our locations, and we will process it for you.

Additional Ordering Options

Want to order by phone?

  • Call 1-877-838-5287 to reorder checks via our automated phone system.

Looking for checks for your business Account?

Ordering Through an Alternate Check Printing Service?

You may purchase checks through a vendor of your choice. When doing so it is critical that the bank transit and account number are printed in the correct format. Download and use this form to ensure your check printing service uses the correct format. If you have questions, contact your local branch.

Request an Appointment

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a call, Zoom, or in-person meeting, click here.

Traveling Overseas? Set a Travel Plan for Your Debit Card

Use My Card to Set Your Travel Plan:
My Cards is built into the Mars Bank Mobile App and is used to set parameters for your debit card. This includes setting a travel plan that will permit your debit card to be used when traveling overseas. Learn more and set a travel plan.

Lost ATM/Debit Card

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM Card or Mars Bank Debit/Check Card, Please call: 1-800-472-3272. Protect your debit card with My Cards in the Mars Bank mobile banking app.

Lost Credit Card

To Report a Lost or Stolen Mars Bank Credit Card, Please call: 1-800-883-0131.