Get Smart About Credit – Student Loans

The American Bankers Association Foundation provides information to help students and their families learn how to fund the rising costs of higher education and how to avoid scams related to student loan forgiveness. Click the images to learn more. Considering education loans? Click here to learn about Pennsylvania’s education lending program that Mars Bank endorses.

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Family Imposter Scams

Family imposter scams frequently target seniors and begin with a text message, phone call, or email from a scammer pretending to be a family member. Their goal is to convince the victim to send them money or personal information. Learn how to spot these scams in this new video from the ABA Foundation’s #SafeBankingForSeniors program. See more resources on the […]

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Ransomware Awareness Tips

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that freezes your computer or mobile device until a sum of money is paid. It can destroy personal and business files, leading to stolen data and large financial losses. Know Ransomware attacks—especially those that target small businesses—are evolving in complexity and are on the rise. All devices are vulnerable, but more and […]

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Safeguarding Personal and Financial Information

Mars Bank is committed to safeguarding your personal and financial information. We implement and monitor sophisticated technologies to provide our customers with a high level of security. We also work with customers when issues arise such as a potentially fraudulent charge on your debit card.

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Fake Check Scam

Have you received a check in the mail with great news…

You win a prize and are told to send back taxes and fees.
You get paid as a “secret shopper” and are told to wire back money.
You sold an item online and the buyer overpays.

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