Caller ID Scam Alert

We NEVER ask for card number or PIN!

Mars Bank customers are reporting that they’ve received phone calls from the “Mars Bank Fraud Department”. Beware of these calls, they are being made by scammers!

The calls appear to come from Mars Bank, the fraudsters are able to put “Mars Bank” or a valid Mars Bank phone number on the caller ID screen. The scammers are saying they are investigating recent transactions on an account. They then ask the customer to provide their debit card number and PIN.

Mars Bank will not call you and ask for your debit card number, PIN, account number, or any other account information.

If you receive a scam call like the one described above, hang up and report the call to us. If you’ve given your debit card and/or PIN to a phone caller, please report it to us. Learn more and submit a fraud form at

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cyber awareness is critical to help protect your personal information from hackers and scammers. Mars Bank participates in #banksneveraskthat, an education program to help you learn the tips to avoid scams and fraudsters. Learn more at or visit